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Cheniere Energy

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Cheniere Energy, Inc. is the leading exporter of US LNG and is poised to be a top-5 global supplier of LNG by 2020. Cheniere is currently operating and constructing its Sabine Pass LNG facility in Louisiana and is constructing a second liquefaction facility near Corpus Christi, Texas. Cheniere is a full-service LNG provider, sourcing US gas and allowing customers to load cargoes at Cheniere’s LNG terminals or receive them at regasification facilities worldwide. As of July 2018, Cheniere, through its long-term customers or a fleet of LNG carriers, has exported more than 400 cargoes of LNG to approximately 28 countries and regions worldwide. Cheniere is based in Houston, with offices in London, Tokyo, Washington D.C., Singapore, and Beijing.

Please visit: www.cheniere.com

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