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Jun Nishizawa
Executive Vice President
Natural Gas Group
Group CEO
Mitsubishi Corporation

Jun Nishizawa was appointed Executive Vice President, CEO, Natural Gas Group in 2019, and is responsible for Mitsubishi Corporation’s LNG business worldwide. Mitsubishi Corporation has the equity position in 13 producing LNG projects and 3 under construction.

Jun joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1986 as an oil trader. Since he moved to LNG business in 1991, he progressed through a variety of roles in Tokyo and overseas, and has been working to grow Mitsubishis Corporation’s LNG business. Among others, he played a key role in the projects in Australia, Indonesia, Iraq, Russia, U.S.A and Canada.
Jun became Vice President, New Business Development Unit in 2009, and Senior Vice President, COO for Natural Gas Business Division in 2017. He also served as Chief Spokesman and General Manager of Press Relations Office during 2001 and 2004.

Jun enjoys reading and playing golf, and is the player-manager of Mitsubishi Corporation’s triathlon team.
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